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We have discovered that if a mobile home is taken care of properly then there it isn't very often that repairs or maintenance is required. We are huge proponents of satisfaction-of-ownership and we lead by example in this space. Sounds to me like you're residing in a "very good" 5 star park.If it is affordability you are looking for then perhaps a 5 star park just isn't the best match for you. The upside here is you can take your income from you house sale, put that towards a extra reasonably priced residence in a more inexpensive park and you'd likely be left with money left over to do as you please. 5 star parks are 5 stars for a reason and there are prices associated with sustaining that.I perceive that you simply're making common statements here and venting some anger. I would like to observe that we as park house owners typically go above and beyond to do things in our communities where we are considering of our tenants benefit, not ours. We've given turkeys and thanks cards to tenants come thanksgiving time as a way to show appreciation. We have provided medications, food and provides to families in times of want. We have forgiven previous delinquencies upon taking up parks to provide tenants the best head begin, among other issues that have been useful to tenants on the expense of the park.The parks that I personal have lot rents around $300 a month (aka Affordable Housing.) I've not heard anyone say that $300 a month is UNaffordable. It's sad to listen to you have been having such a foul experience in the cellular house trade. I hope you can also make positive changes in your life which results in larger fulfillment for you. click here for info This is not the case in flats and one of many big attracts of dwelling in a cell residence park.Tenants can own their house, have a yard to BBQ in or for his or her children or pets to play they usually do not share walls or floor/ceiling with their neighbors. Of course coming with home-possession is the responsibility to maintain the home.That does not sound like reasonably priced housing to me . My parks are reasonably priced housing parks which have heaps rents close to $300 a month.