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No matter what type of model trucks that you like to collect you will discover that it might be fun and very interesting as well. Die cast ones which come pre-assembled can be fun but the plastic ones that you could build yourself can make an excellent hobby. It will be a spare time activity that you will be able to share with your children and your family as well. Another benefit comes in once you find out that you can to stand back and admire the task that you have put into the model which you have been able to change yourself.A way to really add a great deal of detail to your model truck is to make working parts for it. You can created a variety of parts that work including headlights and tail lights that work completely down to working doors, hoods, and tailgates. This assists to dress up a tuck in order that it is much more interesting. Among the things you will have to consider could be the scale of the truck with that you will work. Too small of a scale will limit you concerning exactly which changes you could be able to initiate. There are several changes that won't make very good matches for the project.If you will want to make an opening tailgate for the truck then you will be able to handle it rather easily. All you will have to do is to have a sharp bladed hobby knife and carefully detach your tail gate from all of those other truck bed. Try not to remove too much material when you do this. You will have to consider exactly how you wish to reattach the tailgate when you have it cut loose. You could have to use a paper clip to make a small joint for the tailgate to pivot on. You'll just have to straighten it out and snip part off. After that you can run this part through the tailgate and in to the sides of the bed.This will offer you a beautiful and functional tailgate. You can also utilize this paper clip trick to be able to create some hinges for your doors if you opt to make them are well. Once again you will need to ensure that you cut them out slowly and carefully. Another thing you will need to consider is whether you'll add any more changes such as adding a spare tire to your new cargo area for looks or by throwing some painted up spare parts from other cars in the bed to look as if you are transporting parts.Another change you may make quite easily is working head and tail lights. For these you'll first must make sure that your model truck has come with light covers that aren't opaque. You will first have to remove some material from your body where the lights will be mounted. Next you should be able to run some doll house lights from to each one of the head and tail lights. You can then run your wires to the battery in one of two ways. You can either run them down the undercarriage and attach the battery there if not you can install it in the bed of the truck.. This may look poorly so you may want to think about the former choice first.sinotruk howo truck and howo truck spare parts golden sinotruk howo truck parts directly.china howo truck co.,limited.china sinotruk howo truck spare parts supplier, howo truck, howo engine parts, howo transmission parts, howo cabin parts, howo chassis parts genuine truck parts on sale. professional howo truck and truck spare parts supplier around you.