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A very stressful movie that we watched on 123 movies starts in the exact same way as Scream. As it happens, it didn't make much sense to shoot a parody of an parody, nevertheless, what is conducted is done. A maniac calls a captivating girl and asks: "What on earth is your selected horror movie?" And everything develops according into a plot at the plot of Scream. With lots of references to films.For example, at 4 minutes of screen time, the first victim on the masked maniac is hit by a car - a reference to Stephen King's “Losing Weight&rdquo ;.It truly is this is why that the principle character of your film shot on the daughter of a gypsy baron to death.Just a few minutes later, Cindy Campbell's father (the actress who played Sidney Prescott in Scream - Neve Campbell), dealing with the home based business, makes all the well-known gesture of "quotation marks" in reference to his fingers. After the identical gesture will likely be reproduced by the kind org Shrek while in the cartoon of the same name. The gesture is recognized, but not enough people realize that right here is the signature "trick" of a late American comedian - incidentally, a friend of Mike Myers, the particular person who voiced Shrek.Fourteenth minute and not on stage - I do know what you did last summer - second violin in this parody mix. Generally speaking, the full list of parodied films is impressive: The Sixth Sense, The Shining, American Pie, The Blair Witch, The Matrix, Suspicious Persons, Scream 2, Amistad ... At certain moments, associations arise while using Nutty Professor, The Nightmare on Elm Street, and also a plush monkey that periodically appears inside frame - is it a example of Stephen King's Monkey?The names from the heroes are taken for any reason. Maybe someone remembers the previous Buffy series - with regards to a girl-vampire hunter. And Doofy's name - Doofy - a compromise between Dew and Goofy - Goofy - stupid, stupid. Site school where the main characters study means Corpse High School, the characters drink Killer beer in lieu of Miller.The chase on the steps is rather successfully parodied, when the primary character throws off everything that turns under the arm about the maniac - a regular element of virtually any slasher. However, the creators parodied not just the plots of assorted films, or their "tricks" (the theme of hovering in the air prior to a impact), and also all sorts of movie bloopers. The same extras are constantly flickering without anyone's knowledge, and police officers station was founded in 2017!Scary movies have spawned many imitations, most of which, if not all, turned out to be of great importance and lower quality. Some episodes have been reproduced in Russian cinema as well. Specifically, inside the sitcom "Happy Together" in one of the episodes, a masculine sports and physical eduction teacher appears.In Route 60 Bob Gale, the protagonist Neil encounters a beggar asking for a couple of dollars, ostensibly for food, but completely refusing the meal itself. It's unclear whether this picture migrated from the Scary movie or was Gale's invention, but in reality ... Similarly, Cindy's dancing uphill isn't a prototype from the aerial dances of one of several heroes of "Drag Me to Hell" by Seven Raimi?Along with other films, Scary Movies ridicules and parodies many social aspects - drugs, alcohol, homosexuality, interracial relations and even more ... The film became extremely successful. It is worth nevertheless only the second component of him surpassed himself.