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But yet, paradoxically, in Pak's films, occasionally buddhism sprouts. The heroes of his tapes, spinning the wheel of samsara, carry particles in this attitude, following a four noble truths, and Pak, with only hook nod of the camera, marks the real key points of his narrative. I watched extraordinary movie on 123movies watch free free.The 1st Truth is definitely the Truth about suffering ... I met this film quite a long time ago, but I still couldn't obtain it, I couldn't bring myself to take a seat and view, although, I confess, Park Chang Wook is definitely the director. It was scary even to start watching, this issue is very personally, and knowing the options with this director, it is merely unbearable.The film features favorite Park actors and Lee Byung Hun, and Shin Ha Kyun, and Kang Song, as well as Lee Aung Ye. Moreover, these actors are now practically the elite of Korean cinema, continuing to behave with Park, and never simply with him.The Second Truth could be the Truth concerning the origin and cause of suffering ... Unfortunately, there is very little music from the film, you can find almost no branded Pak violins and cellos, sprouting only at the end, so that it is much more piercing. As well as operator differs from the others, although additionally, there are many close-ups, the digital camera is rotating all the time, almost like seeking in the faces of the characters the answer to the question: Why and what makes they here. As well as images of your heroes out of this only brighter, the director raises a very delicate topic - a modern person who should it, but isn't going to understand why. A lost hero with a device gun within a hand and a form of cookies while in the other, some sort of chewing biomass obediently executing commands.The last Truth is definitely the Truth concerning the true cessation of suffering ... And suddenly these puppet soldiers begin to trust and act in their own personal way. There's something Russian during these moods, I can not even explain, but it is a subtle sensation of life, love for your personal neighbor, camaraderie. Those with souls etched away by patriotism suddenly become children again, not distinguishing territories, but accepting the planet, and the wonderful inside it with almost all their shortcomings and sorrows. And Park Chang Wook, having a bitter, ironic grin, adds light to us to secure a better take a look at these newly reborn souls. In no film I'm so pleased while using the setting of the lighting, the slightly noticeable change colored while in the frame, heavy shadows on faces from the characters. Tinkering with color and light-weight inside a scene having a mine in the field is mostly Cannes or Oscar worthy.The final Truth could be the Truth about the ways to terminate suffering ... Unfortunately, the almost theatrical film with the famous Korean director would not leave the heroes a particular chance to get a normal life. Conventions prevail within the characters, I felt almost palpable horror inside finale. Perhaps they choose the only real correct way away from the situation - death, having first recognized people in 1 another, it is impossible to view them as enemies again.Great and bad Park's films depends on the amalgamation of touching romantic relationships and implacable self-cruelty. Within his eyes, we're just children in ugly masks, afraid to take them of and recognize each other.