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In the world of advertising there are plenty of forms of media that could be useful to get an advertisers message to its intended audience. Newspapers, television, radio, Internet and billboards work tools in this effort but one form of advertising that is often overlooked is Cinema Advertising.Most people see cinema advertising because the little slide that's shown before the movie starts, but it's much more than that. Cinema advertising does offer slide advertising, but it addittionally offers something that is named rolling stock that is much like a television commercial. Some theatres offer dynamic digital advertising opportunities in place of slide advertising while others offer advertising opportunities on large LCD screens in the theatre lobbies.They offer advertisers a chance to present their message to a captive and receptive audience in a family group oriented environment. Hollywood spends billions of dollars every year promoting their movies and these massive marketing campaigns lure vast sums of individuals to the movie theatres every year. It's an audience of brand conscious teens, tweens and young adults with high disposable income and active lifestyles which makes this medium very attractive to a marketer.Some toy manufacturers and beverage companies are aware of this and also have taken full advantage of the opportunity. cinema advertising software have followed suit, because they are starting to abide by the title of the article, "Brand Young and you also Brand for Life".Some may call cinema advertising intrusive however they cannot deny the point that it is impressive. The recall rate of cinema advertising is upwards of 70% while the recall rate of television sits at approximately 23%, the reason for this is that advertisers have a completely captive and receptive audience. They finally can advertise directly to the elusive teen and tween market within their own environment.With the Tivo age growing this has forced marketers to are more innovative in their media planning efforts. They not only have included cinema in their media mix but they also have included other styles of advertising such as guerrilla marketing, trash can advertising and even beach umbrella advertising.This is all in an effort to reach the masses, but man will not live by advertising alone. An effective public relations plan should be in place to work together with any advertising campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to get as much focus on your product as possible during the course of the campaign. So a highly effective public relations plan would only improve the results, as it allows the marketer to utilize the media to assist in getting their message out.