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Ascertain delivery period. Usually, will inform you of their delivery period. It would always depend on your location from their office.To do this, you basically need the T-shirts you intend to sell, a camera, and a computer with internet and email access. It's also best to have a name to use for your brand on eBay, preferably one that's easy to remember and will stand out from the crowd. Most sellers on eBay offer PayPal and credit card as payment methods, so if you don't already have a PayPal account, use your brand name to register one before you sign up as a seller on eBay. If you have a lot of items to sell, consider going a step further and setting up an eBay store - this will make it easier to keep track of them all.In between rounds, young women wearing bikinis would parade around the ring, carrying a placard showing the number of the forthcoming round on one side, and the name of a local sponsor on the other.Account T-shirt Some of the popular clothing articles are jackets, sweat suits, and t-shirts. Before now dog owners would not have considered putting their pooch in a t-shirt and sunglasses. You don't have to dress your dog like a high roller. A trip to the ballgame would only necessitate a little simple t-shirt with your favorite team logo on it. Some people have known to dress their dogs in matching wedding clothes for their master's nuptials.Once you have your shirts, give a local screen printer your design via a flashdrive or by emailing them the file and together you can decide the layout and size of the image that will be printed. The printing of your shirts depending on quantity could take up to a week or more.Searching: Log on to the internet and search as many companies you can who undertake such orders. This might take some time, but patience will definitely bear its fruit.The next bout was between a man with bright yellow socks and a man wearing no socks at all. Before the first round began, the man with no socks was asked why he wanted to fight that evening.